LSB Audio Engineering

Hi, we're Max Ranieri and Nkozi Cole-Giscombe and we're two amateur recording engineers located in western Massachusetts. We've set up a small studio space in Holyoke, MA, about two blocks from the Holyoke Transportation Center PVTA stop. We're using this space to help local bands and audio artists record at a low and flexible cost. We'll provide the audio equipment, engineering, and space; you just bring your instruments and something to record. Shoot us an email at


Our base price is $50 for a recording session of about 2-3 hours. If that price isn't doable for your band, we're cool working on a sliding scale. Charging for our time helps us cover our labor, renting the space, and investing in more equipment, but the most important thing for us is to do professional work that we genuinely enjoy while providing a service for local artists. We can also provide mixing and mastering services at a sliding scale rate.


We have a variety of dynamic mics as well as a matched pair of small-diaphragm overhead condenser mics for drums/room and a medium-diaphragm condenser mic. These should be sufficient to get a good sound out of your vocalist, amps, acoustic instruments, and drumkit. However, if you have any special mics you prefer to use you're welcome to bring them with you.

Everything will be tracked through a pro-audio quality interface and mixer. MIDI and audio playback files will also integrate easily with our setup. When it comes to playback, we have two sets of studio-quality on-ear headphones and two sets of monitors.

We have a number of high-quality analog synthesizers and digital sound engines available at your disposal for any ambient, keyboard/piano, or electronic sounds. We're happy to provide assistance with sound design for these instruments if necessary.