eternal slumber party

eternal slumber party is a DIY/non-profit collective in w.mass centering women/queer musicians and artists

info for touring bands

  1. ESP books shows for bands that feature women, queer, trans, non-binary, and POC musicians. if this does not describe your band, please do not message us.
  2. if this does describe your band, send us a message with the dates you are looking for, a link to your music, and info about who you are touring with.
  3. if we are able to book you, we will write back within a day or two to confirm. if we are not able to book you, please respectfully know that we appreciate your message but are unable to reply to every single show request we receive.

if we aren’t able to book a show for you, you can try contacting Flywheel Arts Collective.

or check out the w.mass DIY calendar for more ideas.

we'd love to hear from you if you’re generally interested in playing the shows that we book! send us a link.